Hi Good Workers

It looks like a return to the office is on the cards for most Canberrans!

However, a recent WeWork report states that the future of work is a hybrid model.

Employees want to split their time between the company office, home and other locations like a coworking space, library or café.

If you’re one of these employees, what would be your ideal split? And where would your other ‘office’ be? Leave a comment on our LinkedIn post to let us know.

Besides our coworking space in Braddon, we’re also fans of getting some good work done at the National Library of Australia for its location, Lonsdale Street Roasters #7 for its vibe and Hancock Library for its ample natural light.

Talk soon,

Mitch Tilbrook
Chief Good Worker

PS. Did you know Good Work was one of the first 3 coworking spaces in Canberra. Explore our history here. For a tour and day trial, reply to this email and I’ll be in touch.



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