So you saw our latest social media post? And you’re an artist looking to get creative? Do something dramatically beautiful? GOOD WORK supports that! That’s why we have launched our first artist in residence program. GOOD WORK wants to promote Canberra’s collaborative community by supporting local artists and giving them an opportunity to work on a large scale project. We want to close out this year with a bang and a celebration of our collaborative community.

So what is this artist’s residency thing? What is involved?

  • An opportunity to produce your art on a large scale
  • Working towards a brief
  • A family and friends launch night event
  • Photographs from the event
  • Social media coverage

Have we got your attention yet? Want to know the brief? Well keep reading…

Brief: The art piece needs to encapsulate the vibe of co-working and provide inspiration for GOOD WORK members when entering the space. The piece needs to provide a shining light of inspiration, so when you get into work, you see this work and think ‘yes, I can do this, let’s do this’. At the same time, as the space is modern it needs to align with our interior.

Our current piece is mountains to inspire our members that we are all climbing our mountains everyday. It is time for something brighter and more inspiring… any ideas brewing yet?

If so please send your portfolio and design concept to Nerio Communications – you have until the 4th of November to get involved.

The finer details:
– The wall that the work will be on: 4.3m High X 2.4m Wide
– GOOD WORK would like to offer $500 to cover the costs of materials and work together on a      price to commision the project
– The piece will have to be ready or the artist must be available on/ before the 18th of November to  execute the piece prior the launch
– GOOD WORK will cover the costs of the launch party

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